Welcome to the Youth Education Committee Community!


The primary objective of the Youth Education Committee is to promote geoscience education for elementary and secondary school children and their families.  The Committee will facilitate resources for use by SEG members, educators, students, and families.  These resources include (but are not limited to):

  • A website providing resources
  • Links to resources provided by other relevant organizations (e.g. AAPG, AGI, GSA, SPE, EAGE, and OERB)
  • Hands-on activities designed for various age groups to bring geology and geophysics to life and made available in multiple languages
  • Support for youth organizations such as, but not limited to, appropriate Boy Scout and Girl Scout badges and programs
  • Information about current topics of interest in geosciences, presented as factually as possible with as little hyperbole and emotion as possible, and at an appropriate level for pre-university students
  • Short biographies of geoscientists showcasing the excitement of various careers in our field in formats targeted to the intended audience (Podcasts, videos
  • Contact information for geoscientists willing and trained to bring geosciences into the classroom
  • Interactive Q&A and networking facilities where participants my update the information or post information about local activities invitations and/or results