Welcome to the Help Community!


The SEG Online Help Community is your one-stop shop for information, documentation, and training designed to assist you in managing your online profile, account and other SEG Online features.

The Online Help Community contains four components (linked to in the navigation items above) designed to help you as you participate in SEG eCommunities:

  • Frequently Asked Questions—This page contains questions and answers about every aspect of the SEG Web site. Start here when you need to find an answer fast.
  • Guides and Videos—For more detailed information about managing your profile, account or how to use other SEG Online features, view these short videos right from your computer. You can also access downloadable documents that provide step-by-step, concrete instructions to help you accomplish your SEG online tasks.
  • Forum—The Online Help Community Forum provides an online "meeting space," where you can initiate or take part in an existing conversation with other members of the eCommunity regarding SEG Online help.
  • Community Managers - If you are a "Community Manager" of a SEG Online eCommunity, the Community Managers area will provide you with a Forum to discuss topics with your follow community managers and an Activity page that allows you to subscribe to receive email notifications of all Help Community Activity.


If you don't find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to use the Contact Us link at the footer of any SEG Online webpage. We'll be happy to assist!