Welcome to the Distinguished Lecture Committee Community!


The Distinguished Lecture Committee is responsible for two programs:  The SEG Distinguished Lecture and The SEG Honorary Lecture. The Distinguished Lecture program honors outstanding individuals noted for high quality in their contributions to geophysics on an international level, and who are outstanding communicators of ideas and concepts. The Distinguished Lecturer is honored at the SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting. The Honorary Lecture program focuses on transfer of knowledge within a region and/or topic, recognizing prominent geophysicists and strengthening the services that SEG provides to an expanding global membership. Selection as an Honorary Lecturer will be recognized by the Society.

The common goals of the two programs are to:

  • Recognize an individual's contributions to advancing the science and technology of geophysics.
  • Disseminate discipline knowledge via speaking tours of SEG Sections (where the word "Sections" is used, it includes Associated Societies and Student Chapters).
  • Foster a sense of community amongst geophysicists by providing opportunities for local meetings and exchange of ideas.
  • Encourage students by providing the opportunity to discuss scientific and career issues with a leading expert.