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The Committee on University and Student Programs (CUSP)  is comprised of three main groups of constituents: industry representatives, faculty/university representatives, and student representatives.  All having common interests to increase qualified student membership, engage departments and faculty in SEG Student activities and strengthen student leadership skills.  Our vision represents a global community of students and faculty actively using the SEG as an essential resource for strengthening the quality of geosciences educational programs.   


Support students, universities, and industry in developing a strong global pool of graduating students ready to meet the applied geophysics needs of society. 

Core Constituents:                                                        

  • Students                                                                             
  • Faculty
  • Industry Professionals

New Student Chapter Enhancement Program proposal goes to ExComm for approval

CUSP recommends incentivizing the current SEG Student Chapters program by adding a “Summit” recognition system that will encourage student chapters to excel through increased responsibility, accountability and recognition. Four recognition tiers are identified: Base, Ridge, Summit and Inactive

This is the fist phase of the Student Chapter Excellence Program.  The formal proposal is located in Exhibits under the documents folder.

For questions on this program or the proposal, send us an e-mail.